Saturday, June 2, 2012

Peter Brandt changes his view on GOLD

That's why he is a great trader!

In his blog, Peter Brandt suggested that the next move in Gold could be a big down move giving a decline of $250. This was on May 30.

Two days later, on June 1, in his chart updates on Gold, found here, Peter says that Gold may be showing signs of a big breakout on the upside.

Mr Brandt changed his views on Gold, because the charts changed. This is a point that many novice traders do not understand.

And, chart action may change once again, which means that the trader will change his views.

Have a great weekend!


amarjeet said...

Respected sir,
You r wright.charts are like our tongue.check the taste of market& trading disiplane is more important than TA.which I learn from U .u r my teacher &god father.i m very thankful to u.

Vishu said...


I started investing before two years later switched to trading. I have lost good amount of money in this period. But my question is everyone tells one need to fallow the process and needs to be disciplined. But I really dont know how to set the process oe what is called as the process in trading. Please guide me.

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