Sunday, April 8, 2012

Trading is a Simple Process

Profitable trading is a very simple process:

    Identify market direction
    Identify key price action decision points
    Determine where to enter trade(s)
    Identify potential profit objective before trade entry
    Set initial stop-loss protection to mitigate risk
    Manage open trade between entry and reaching profit objective

That's it... those few steps above constitute what professional traders do. Everything else and anything else is unnecessary for success.

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Dinesh Rishi said...

Cant be anything more simple than this :D


& Warm Regards,

दिनेश ऋषि

Tapassya-Manthan said...

I wish it was so simple !


shabsaif said...

Ya its very simple.........only outcome mai be joyful or depends on write or wrong Identification.

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