Saturday, April 14, 2012

Make No Mistakes in Trading


shabsaif said...

Its Good one and also very common points about successful trading...

I would like to add(or Modify ) some thing..please allow

Always alert in Market, any thing happened any time, Each and every indicators is positive, but sudden change may reverse the market...

Let your pofit run...but you have to book partial profit also...

Some times you have to take little risk to buy new lows and short new highs..with proper stoploss....If you r a trader..

ANAS said...

Repected Sir, its me again...

Well, I am unable to account for my prolonged absence, but neverthless, better late than never.
I had a few questions in my mind, and am seeking your precious time towards them..

1) Is nifty spot , making a downward sloping WEDGE formation on the daily charts..

2) Is it possible, that a highly traded scrip to make an ASCENDING CONTINUATION TRIANGLE (right angled triangle with a flat top) after a strong prolonged uptrend. as a continuation pattern..

3) If point 2 is possible, Then do you see the same pattern on TATAMOTORS daily spot charts.

Kindly n.b.
all the charts are candlesticks and semi-log.

Thank You once again for your precious time.

Hope to read from you soon..

Yours Faithfuly

Anas Elias Batla.

BNTdotCOM said...

Thanks Sir,

simple, short and success mantra

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