Tuesday, March 27, 2012

What does a day trader want?

Dear Friends,

I am doing research for a proposed book on day trading. Your help will be much appreciated.

Please email me at sudarshansukhani@gmail.com

In the subject write - daytrade

In the email, Kindly write the answers to the following questions:

1. What information will help you to trade better?

2. What is the main cause for losses during the trading day?

3. What should be the contents of a book on daytrading

I hope to receive many emails, with a lot of ideas, comments and suggestions.



Technical Analysis said...

Hi Sir,
All the Best....

mbn said...

Sudarshan Ji,

Thank you for ur idea of writing a book. Will mail u with whatever I experienced in daytrading. But writing a book on daytrading may be tough as there's a big risk if people think that money can be made in daytrading. I mean , it's possible , but unless one don't make money in higher TF as eod, one can't make money daytrading also. But i speak out of my experiences and that has no relevance to the truth if it can be otherwise.
All the best ,

Vasant kumar said...

Sir, I have sent u some suggestions from singireddyvishnu@gmail.com...Had a look?

Dinesh Rishi said...


Thanks a lot for planning to write
a book on day trading.

I purchased your "Trading the Markets"

and got बीज मंत्रा hidden in it :D

Thanks & Warm Regards,

दिनेश ऋषि

Dinesh Rishi said...


A mail sent

Will be Lucky if a get a reply from you :D

It will be as an Autograph of you 2 ur (A/C) Fan

Thanks & Warm Regards,

दिनेश ऋषि

Rajesh Rekhani said...

Day trading is too short term. I prefer positional trades. Even the educated traders make losses due to shifting strategies. We never stick to one strategy. Sticking to any one strategy like say SAR based on any criteria i.e. Trendline/ MA/ Breakouts with discipline is must.

Bashu said...

What should be the contents of a book on daytrading
1) How to determine a trend with examples.
2)Which is the best time frame for swing traders.
3) How to handle contradictions on different time frames? Eg. Daily chart shows reversal pattern whereas weekly does not.
4) Money management.
5) How much margin to use
6) What should one trade: Nifty futures or Nifty options?

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