Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Nifty rally continues

The market continues to move up. Since I give my Nifty views on CNBC in the morning, then again in the afternoon, there is no purpose in repeating the same views on the blog. The rally continues. There is likely to be some volatility coming in because of three days of news events, railway budget. then RBI policy and finally the budget. My strategy is to keep buying on dips. Of course, the view will change if the trend changes.

IFTA is holding its annual conference in Singapore this year in October. Readers should plan to attend this meeting. Singapore is close by.

A surprise has been the underperformance of the cnx ot index. market has given a thumbs down to it stocks while going for high beta high volatility sectors like reality, banking and infra. How times change. In year 2000, it was the high beta sector while infra was low beta and low volatility. Each bull market gets its own favorites.


smit said...

It is time taking job. I would request you to give your views on blog also as it is useful for the people like me who have day jobs and can not view CNBC.

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