Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Learning to Trade

Master the Gap is offering a free webinar tonight, on Your Optimal Trading Style: Mechanical, Discretionary or a Combination. Visit the site for more details.

EWI has just posted an article, The three phases of a trader's education.

Traders Psyches says " Taking the psychological risk management approach and avoiding one bad trade a week can have a significant impact on your bottom line.
Why not do it? Is it too hard to leave the screen? Maybe you will miss something? Maybe you will get out of synch? Is watching the markets so compelling that the joy of that is greater than the prospect of cashing bigger checks?

Traders Psyches again "one of the hot topics in decision making neuroscience is the reality of "mind body cognition" or the fact that part of our thinking occurs outside of our brain. Now this isn't really news to anyone who has gone down the path of trying to learn the difference between an intuitive or experiential learning feeling and an impulsive or compulsive one.
But there are a few things you can do to leverage what science now admits to. One is to get up and walk away from your screen - particularly when you are trying to decide if you should get out of a trade. Why? Research shows that "complex decisions are best made non-deliberately" AND research released last week showed that walking around in a non-linear patter - IE like through a park versus straight down the street helped people come up with answers to tough questions.


Vasant kumar said...

Suarshan Sir, I need few clarifications... please explain us....

1) How come u predicted on 13th march, 2012 that Nifty will go up only even after gap up opening.
2) How come u predicted that there would be an intraday dip on 14th march, 2012.

One observation from my side is, now a days, Nifty takes ques from EUROPE after 1:30 pm and follows its trend.

How to predict the intraday movements is a big question...However, many a times first 15 min break out or breakdown has failed. Is it he experience that makes one to predict the trend or any technical indicators??


Rushabh Shastri said...

In this regard only I read " The much of the expertise we acquire in trading or any activity is the result of the process that are neither conscious nor intentional."
here process you may termed as PATTERN...

patterns just happened its not intentional or head and shoulder, flag...or etc.

Further comments welcome with this regards

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