Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A discussion on my book - Trading the Markets

Many blog readers have purchased and read my newly published book - Trading the Markets. The book is published by Vision Books. This post answers a few points raised by readers, and, some points which I think may be worth explaining.

1. Cost. The publishers determine the cost of the book. As author, I have no voice in this decision.

2. Reason for writing this book. Believe me, earning money is NOT the reason for writing this book. The effort required to create any book is far more than the monetary rewards from it. I found this out when I started writing. The ONLY reason to write such books is to share my thoughts and ideas with readers. This applies to most trading books written.

3. What will the book give to you, dear reader? The purpose of this book was to share real life trading experiences. It is great fun to analyze and write after the event. But, I write a newsletter every evening, talking about tomorrow. That is much more difficult.

4. How should you read the book? I suggest that you read the book from start to finish just as you would read a novel - lightly, without stress. Then you open any chapter / page and read a few pages. You will slowly understand the basic concepts of trading which I use, and, which should help you in understanding the markets.


rajiv malik said...

namaskar sukhani ji,

do we as readers of your blog get some special discount on your book from the publisher. i am interested in buying this book.

rajiv malik

Bashu said...

Dear Rajiv,

Your comment reminded me of story of Swami Vivekananda. He was going thru a lot of financial difficulties. So he decided to ask for monetary wealth from Goddess Kali. However whenever she appeared in front of him, he forgot his financial difficulties and asked for more Bhakti.

May be we should all do something similar. We should ask for more knowledge.

If you make even one trade right after reading the book, you will get money which will be more than many times the price of the book.

AK said...

thank u sir for information,, i just now ordered a copy,,
@rajiv there is 10% discount at vision book website.. ;)

Jitender Yadav said...

Dear Sudarshan Ji
I am a regular follower on your blog for past many years but for sheer laziness I only check mark one of the buttons from Useful,Interesting or Cool and write comments only occasionally and looking at the numbers at checked marked boxes(mostly in 20s or 30s while blog readers I am sure are in thousands) I guess there are lazier(sorry fellow readers) readers than me.
So I can understand how difficult writing a book can be.An astute trader like Sudarshan Ji can earn much more money trading for the time and energy he devoted writing the book.
So I am thankful to Sudarshan Ji for writing the book for us.
My ordered book is not yet delivered so I have not read it.
But Sudarshan sir you should start some channel here for selling autographed copies of the book.
Your Fan
Jitender Yadav
New Delhi

Sahil Singla said...

nice question by rajiv :) same is mine !

Tomichan said...

some talks about some 475 bucks. Its not 1500 or 3000. And the time is not 1990 or 2000. Have anyone expect a book from jhunhunwala or buffet from a trading perspective? No. One commented that the book contains facts that all knows. Change it to some. A lot and lot people are newly coming to the scene. And about reflection of past bloggs, a lot even dosn't know about those valuable bloggs. And this inclusion, if anyone considers so, is a bonus, I say. Sudarshan sir, infy haven't broke ur support. But dlf began to bleed early than i expect. I think tatamotors is running out of deicel at the current level with 209 as the resistant. I hope u (and we too) are able to make a new position tomorrow. Reliance looks week and without its support, that may be on shorter side.

brainz said...


Is your book available in Amazon Kindle or Apple iBook store? Dont want to purchase the Dead tree format (read paper) edition, want to buy the Ebook edition.


Abhishek said...

Thank you for responding on comments about your book. Today while market was closing u have suggested that market may be loosing the steam to go further up. How did u judge that as it can also be read as a positive consolidation 2nd day as volumes were low and breath was in favour of advances.
pls do reply.

shabsaif said...

I saw yesterday (5 January)Market Today with Udyan, You said If Nifty break the range(4800-4720) it will move 100 pts, and you are sure, today morning (6 January) you said its very difficult in this market.Why you change in 12 Hours ??

LJ said...

waiting to receive the book, it will take 7 -10 days to reach me !! :(

pradeep rajput said...

Hi Sir:
Need ur view on today movement. since it breached the 4720,but soon came back and made the day high and finally settled almost flat. though it went above to SL 4780, in this kind of sudden spike do u follow ur SL or wait for the market to settle down with ur open position continue.
Ur comment is highly appreciable.


autostrada said...

sudarshan is one of the sanest voices out there on cnbc in markets...others most of them are paid...

Sharma said...

sir, I read your book. but sorry to say by Sudharshan sukhani, much more was expected. If I have to rate this book it would be 1 out of 10. Pls. excuse me for it.

indrajit said...

I have bought this book and i can say that if anyone read this book it may like listening the movement of market by following the chart and i have liked it is usefull

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