Monday, December 26, 2011

Winning a lottery

Rajiv Malik points out a link which explains how to make rs 60 crores with twenty thousand investment (in the market, I assume. I did not read the link, just Rajiv's comments). Balu points out that it is possible since lrry Williams and his daughter have done it.

Yes, of course, in this market anything is possible. But, I do not believe that Larry started his trading competition with the objective of making a million dollars. He joined a competition, in which, he did well to make a million. Please remember that Mr Williams did not replicate this achievement again.

When you buy a lottery ticket, somebody is going to win the lottery. Does this mean if we buy lottery tickets after detailed examination of the numbers etc.. we will be able to assure a win?

While the lottery is not an exact comparison with trading, making 60 crores (600 million) from twenty thousand is almost like winning a lottery. While it is possible, I would not expect such an outcome in trading.


Balu said...


I am a very junior trader, I don't actually know much, I was only hopeful and thought that it would be possible to earn millions in market. I spontaneously reacted to Rajiv's comments like that because by nature I am optimistic and very very ambitious person.. But yes Sir, practically it's different.

Atul Krishna said...

Dear Sir

Can you say something if it is at all possible for a retail trader to earn money from normal trading schedule to run his/her house in normal course ?

I say NO.

Do you disagree with me ?


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