Friday, December 23, 2011

Quiet markets may be ready for thrust

Quite often, a sleeping market is actually giving a message - an expansion in prices is coming.
For the past two days, the Nifty has been in a narrow trading range, almost sleeping. There may be a message here - that a thrusting move is coming soon. Thrusts are expansion which make prices move in any one direction. Expansion results in trend days or periods which are the basis of most trading profits. Then, sleeping markets (like the one we saw for the past two days) are in fact good news for traders, since they suggest that an expansion is coming soon.


rajiv malik said...

which way is it going to come ? up or downways. that is the million dollar question always !

keep guiding us sukhani ji ! we count on you so much !

Prashant said...


Quiet is wrongly spellt as 'quite'.
Since August, this market has shown two breakouts, one above 5130 and one below 4730. The first one went 270 points higher than 5130, the second one went 200 points lower than 4730, but the range still remains, A sustained breakout/down has not occurred till now. Let us see what kind of 'THRUST' occurs this time, and to which side?

Sailendra said...

Its worth reading you book. For me as a layman who most of the times looses money in the market, its a very good book. Thans for it.

Sir, like book is it possible for you to have technical analysis courses classes (webinar or over video) by you. It will help trader/investor like me who have so much passion about the trading and I am planning to leave my job as well to make a carrier in it.


Akash said...

Hi, My Query is your Book,, Which Subject is coming in your book ? give me some detail , abount your book.

rajiv malik said...

sudarshan ji and dear friends is this possible ?

how to make 60 crores in 5 years with 20000 investment

Balu said...

@Rajiv Malik

Hi Rajiv! I think it's absoutely possible, but only after gaining experience of more than 10 to 15 years of active trading.. Infact Larry Williams once proved it in the past and his daughter also achieved such a success a few years after Williams.. I mean if not exactly with the setup mentioned in the link, there should be some method or combination of different setups in different conditions..

Master trader like Sudarshan, who involves in research most of the time can also achieve such results, I believe..

You take for eg. Sachin, when he started career who would have thought he would be here today. Dhirubhai Ambani, Abraham Lincoln, KFC, many sports persons, politicians, actors have achieved such results in their respective fields..

So I think it's possible..


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