Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Nifty: Trading range Breakdown

On Nov 11, Friday, the Nifty closed below 5200 signalling the possibility of a breakdown from an ongoing range between 5200 and 5350. On Monday, yesterday, this breakdown was vonfirmed as the Nifty went through  bearish trend day and closed for the second day, below 5200.

Pattern targets for the decline are 5050 / 5000. The trade has a stop loss of 5230 which was Monday's high.

It does seem that the intermediate uptrend is probably over. This means that the bear market has resumed its downward march.


sudhin said...

Dear Mr. Sudarshan,
Is there any relation between the stock markets and inflation? Consider these
1. HIGH INFLATION-higher salary-higher investment costs so lower competition-higher interest cost so lower profits- so time to invest in a strong company.
2. Low inflation-more money in the hands of the consumer-lower interest costs for companies so probably higher profits?
Finally could you please give returns since 1980's over different asset classes like stocks, gold, real estate and bank deposits if possible, assume one had invested the same sum. Thanks in advance.

rohit said...

Does that indicate that we will make new lows? if yes then will the decline be fast and furious?

amarjeet said...

respected sir,
please explain why u r bullish on hind uniliver .because now it makes domed house chart pattern.i am bearish on.

srinivas said...

Dear Sir,
Which time frame graph is suitable for intraday as well as positional trades for index and specific stocks?

sudhin said...

Is Tata Steel forming a H/S pattern with a probable target of 280?
Also where could I get the historical PE for individual stocks.

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