Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Does blogging help in trading?

Gopal asks an interesting question :" Can you cut your losses by giving regular insights on this blog? Thanks,"

I think the question is: Does writing a blog improve trading performance?

Sharing always helps the person who shares. This is a philosophical concept, very much valid in real life.So, writing a trading blog, sharing my views, knowledge, thoughts certainly helps me become a spiritual person.

But, does it help in trading? 

I would say, yes. Quite often, my thoughts become clear when I am writing them. Often, ideas that have been forgotten, emerge. Then, I learn every day, from the comments that come in. (Readers are encouraged to write more comments. The advantages of writing a blog will also come to people who write comments. Both are read publicly).

There a big downside, however. If I give a technical view with specific targets that often becomes a problem. See, markets can do anything. Therefore, what I write today may not be valid tomorrow due to market action. Earlier, this used to trouble me. I felt that I was letting down my readers. Now, I recognize that most readers are smart enough to understand that I am only a messenger, the Market is the boss. So, this has been less of a problem recently.

This discussion finally leads to a conclusion: The blog is more like a trading journal. It helps the trader, and, offers some insights to readers.


SWEETY said...

your example of zebra crossing and random crossing is **the** best one in-deed to put out a sharp & short note on risk assessment. A person can still be knocked down by a rushing vehicle even while he was crossing through a zebra crossway when there is a green signal for pedestrians. The same rule applicable on trading also. No pain No gain - No risk No profit -- the only thing what makes an expert trader different from others is he successfully identifies low risk environment to enter into the trading position. He knows there is still risk - but probability of knocked down is minimal.

Ashish said...

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Ashish said...

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