Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Bear market shows its strength

The bear market is very much alive and kicking. This is the message we are receiving time and again. This blog has been consistently asserting that Indian markets are in a cyclical bear trend. A possible pattern target has been identified around the 4000 level in the Nifty.

My advise to investors is to have patience. While long term investing is possible at current levels, most investors will gain by waiting for this bear market to end.


rocky said...

respected sir,

can you please explain how to trade in options of nifty and stock please write on it or provide the link to get clarity on it

your hardcore fan


rocky said...

one more thing sir ji you gave seminar on 14 may 2011 along with vivek ratan for

Topic: Day Trading Strategies and Methods

•How to develop a view on markets each day before we actually start trading ? if possible give the link of presentation

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