Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Nifty Options Trade

My suggestion is to trade a move out of the 4750 - 5165 trading range. Rohit asks "Then is it a good idea to buy a 4700 put and a 5200 call, because either we go up a lot or we fall, a lot"

My Notes: Yes, it is. Since we have almost a month for October expiry, buy October 4800 put and 5200 call. This is slightly bearish because current prices are closer to 4800 than to 5200, but that seems fair given the bear market.


Shankar said...

Sir ,
I am a very big fan of your blog.Last week i started reading ur blog and completed 2 years blog archive .And its very helpful for me .

Sir i my suggestion is, buy October 4800 put and 5100 call.Because Current nifty is 4945 .Difference B/w Nifty - 4800 put and 4945 - 5100 call =150

Total premium amount
4800 put and 5100 call = 187
4800 put and 5200 call = 154
4700 put and 5100 call = 130

better option is oct 4800 put and 5100 call

Sir give me ur suggestion. Waiting for ur reply

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