Friday, September 30, 2011

Nifty in a well defined range

A Trading range in the Nifty is visible, well defined, offers opportunities for significant trading gains when it breaks out of the range.

Broadly, resistance line is around5200, support around 4700 and the range has become fairly wide, almost two months.

Chart below:


bkmm said...

Hello Sudarshanji,
well said.. nifty in 4700 to 5200 range .
it means 500 points which is appr. 10% , the same stands for dow
10700 to 11700, 1000 points 10%, S&P 1120 to 1240, 120 points 10%.
The DAX and CAC are in 20% of the range a very wide one where 3 to 5% daily fluctuations are common. They are the most vulnerable due to large banks (of their country) participating in euro crisis.
The essence is we follow dow/S&P.
at breakout a 5% upside could come and breakdown it could go upto 10 to 15% which once you mentioned was nifty @4000.
So is silver & gold for every 1$ MOVE gold we get Rs 1.75 move , and every 0.1$ move in silver we get Rs170 move. The fastest response is available from kitco... I would like you to clarify if any other data provides faster clue in gold and silver.
Always appreciate your views with solid logic behind them.
Miss you on TV talks.


rocky said...

respected sir,waiting for reply

In 2 period RSI what should be upper limit and lower limit we should adjust??and the limit setting in ADX ??

daytrader said...

Dear Rocky ,
I m not authorized to reply ,

but sir has already posted "The RSI as an entry signal " dated August 17, 2010

pls do search in this blog u get ur answer.

Suresh said...

Since there is a box formation due to the 500 point range, is it fair to assume that if the we move out of the box/range, the target should be 500 points from the lower or upper limit of the range i.e. 4200 on the lower side or 5700 on the upper side ?

Rushabh Shastri said...

people say both seller and buyer are hitting their stop loss,,,termed this as "stay with your position you will automatically get your target" for a some specified time

Karan said...

Hello Sir,
On 60-Min chart Nifty has made a pattern of island reversal.
Is this pattern qualifies as island reversal or we need to look for some more pattern to before treating it as reversal.

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