Thursday, September 29, 2011

Morning View Sept 29

Choppy Market likely with down bias. We have seen U.S. markets lose all their early morning gains and close lower. This is likely to affect our markets today. We also have F&O expiry - a day when trading should be avoided.

Bloomberg today has an article titled "Euro Area options are shrinking fast". It seems that we may reach a "Lehman Moment" suddenly.

Volatile markets require (a) reduced volumes (b) quick closure of profitable trades (there is no available trend, so do not wait for a big move).


rocky said...

respected sir, i hope this query doesnt required too much time. waiting for reply

In 2 period RSI what should be upper limit and lower limit we should adjust??and the limit setting in ADX ??

satya said...

Hello sir,
you replied rohit query but not mine this is not fair :-( my query is
Howto identify trends or to develop a view on markets !

navin pujari said...

Sir, when do u think market should start falling coz its almost the 5th or the 6th week from low of 4720 & shorterm view being bullish ?

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