Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Day after a Narrow Range Day

Monday saw an NR7 - the narrowest range in seven days. Narrow ranges are a sign of contraction. What follows should be expansion. I am giving the Nifty chart with NR7 days highlighted.


RS said...


In your experience, what has been a more explosive setup... NR7 or ID/NR4 ?? (SBI on charts as of now)


sudhin said...

What is the difference between a sell and short a stock? Also when should one do the above wrt to a positional trader?

Sasi Uppuluri said...

Learnt a new thing today. Thank you sir

Sethu said...

As of now, Nifty has met with resistance 5095-5110 and BN 9700. Markets may reverse from here.

Level 2 as of now 5045


Nirav said...


What should be a trading strategy if one finds NR7? What should be Entry point, Exit Point and Stop Loss point?

Please explain this, it will be very usefull for traders.


Balu said...

Perfect prediction.. expansion on the very first day after nr7

rocky said...

respected sir,
I was reading your blog and you mentioned that you booked at Range Expansion. this move may be more higher so that one can hold to enjoy the trend.How can one identify the Range Expansion can you ellaborate.. if possible give chart with example also

Rushabh Shastri said...

What is this NR7,,,please explain?

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