Friday, September 30, 2011

The Bear Story

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The S&P at 400 is almost inevitable

Albert Edwards, perma bear says:

"Jeremy Grantham of GMO says this is “no market for young men”. Maybe now I am over 50 it is my time! Yet my forecast of the S&P bottoming at 400 is still met with utter derision. I have been underweight global equities since the end of 1996 and overweight government bonds. Meanwhile US 10y bond yields have fallen from 7% to 1¾%, a hair’s breadth from our longstanding 1½% target. Similarly, in my very humble opinion, S&P at 400 is almost inevitable."


Balu said...


What kind of technical analysis is that sir? bond yields, forward earnings etc.. didn't understand anything that's there in the link...

rocky said...

sir i got answer about 2 period rsi in that blog upper limit and lower limit and please some light for adx

your one of hardcore fan


Pi said...

i was just thinking about this in the context of the recent moves in copper and i thought id share it with you..

you have written more than once about taking this kind of trade or setup - the first pullback in a new trend.. buying the first dip in a new trend or selling the first major rally in a new downtrend..

when one steps back from the day to day, minute to minute tracking of various markets, I realize this is probably the easiest and also highly profitable things to do in trading. its so simple in concept and execution I wonder why i bother spending all this time in analyzing, rather guessing what the next move is going to be in various mkts. one should quit wasting time on that, use it for other more interesting pursuits, and just trade this one setup with dedication.

i trade everything from domestic equities to currency pairs to commodities.. and without doubt every month, month after month, there is this setup in at least some or the other product. this year the setup has occurred in fx pairs as eur/usd, aud/usd, usd/chf.. in commodities - gold, copper, silver, crude.. amongst domestic commodities in mentha oil, etc etc.. i forgot rupee..

traders should stop worrying about the daily wriggles of price movements and focus on the bigger picture.. many times if your mind is clear one will be able to spot and ride such moves beautifully

Jitender Yadav said...

Dear Sudarshan Ji
I came across a profile on Facebook by the name of Tips By Sudarshan Sukhani.It has a picture of yours but the profile seemed fictitious to me.
Will you please clarify sir ? Is that your real profile or is it popularity ke side effects ?
Your Fan
Jitender Yadav
New Delhi

Balu said...


today's daily candle - if market gaps up and trades higher tomorrow, can it be seen as morning star pattern? Please explain..

Thanks and Regards

Balu said...


No morning star..looks like morning disaster :)

rocky said...

respected sir,

can you please explain how to trade in options of nifty and stock please write on it or provide the link to get clarity on it

your hardcore fan


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