Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Big decline in mid cap stocks

Today's market action was significant in many ways:

1. The Nifty close was the lowest so far in the current down trend. New lows are usually bearish.

2. A gap up was not sustained, with the Index moving down almost 130 points before rallying by a small amount. Markets that open up and close lower are usually in bear phases.

3. A number of mid cap stocks were hammered. In fact, they were beaten down so badly that many of them are now close to their 2008 bear market lows.

With today's decline, the Nifty has come down to test its 4950 lows made last week. This test gives a trade. It may be possible to go long with 4950 as the stop loss. Remember, Positions are taken after considering the environment for the day.


gourv said...

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