Thursday, February 12, 2009

The wise are still worried

Microsoft Chief Executive Steve Ballmer sketched a dire portrait of the world economy on Friday, likening it to market conditions in 1837, 1873, and 1929, each of which involved bank failures, high unemployment, and a depression. You can read the full article here.
His warning of a protracted downturn that could become a depression comes amid a stock market that is down by more than 40 percent from its October 2007 peak, and housing prices in many metro areas that have been falling consistently since July 2006--a feat not equalled since the Great Depression.
"In my view, what we now have will be a fundamental economic reset," he said. "The economy is going to have to re-establish itself at a level of spending that reflects the real value of underlying assets before we can all start growing again at a healthy rate."

My Notes: Pimco's Bill Gross says that a second wave of crisis may be coming. Well, as traders we can only try to go with the market. The current minor trend is UP so traders should be better off staying with the idea of buy on dips.


ART OF TRADE said...

Gud evening sir!

I see some of the stocks are ready for big down move as per my observation..
1. Is NTPC making bearish HS pattern? If that correct Buying NTPC put option can be considered?
2.Infosys double top formation happened in the chart?

Please advice me...


Madhu hegde

G S Singh said...

I do not see any reason for wise to be worried as this is a natural phenomenon. Whenever you try to jump the band you are expected to experience jurk which could be small or big. So far budsiness has only addressed the upper or middle layer of economy band. Everyone wanted to play in that band by inventing similar opportunities all over the world in the same band. Unfortunately for them, that band got satuarted and hence this crisis.
In order to revive economy the business needs to cross the band and come to lower but larger population zone. Business is not ready for that and that is why this set-back. Solution is simple, let wise of upper band change themselves and jump into the ocean of lower economy band. Try your luck their wise men, you have your survival there.

AvinashMadumita said...

is there any chance of 3140 coming

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