Sunday, November 16, 2008

Udayan in Amritsar

CNBC had an Investor Camp in Amritsar on Saturday, Nov 15. The camp was sponsored by Angel Broking. I was in the Camp to give a presentation on : 'The Dream. How to become an investor or trader'. Udayan Mukherjee was moderating the progam. Participants were asking question in Hindi which seemed to be the preferred language. My presentation was in Hindi, while Ashwini Gujral spoke in Punjabi (that was fun). In response to a question, Udayan gave a well reasoned reply in Hindi. His proficieny in spoken Hindi was appreciated.

On Sunday morning, I found Udayan in traditional Indian attire - Kurta with Chooridar. He was going to the Golden temple to pay his respects. Good for him.

Udayan is probably one of a rare breed of analysts who have a clear, keen understanding of the markets. Listening to him could have saved you from ravages of the bear market that many investors are facing now. I am sure readers listen to him carefully. The point is: you also have to implement his advice if you agree with it.

Markets will be with us. There will be many opportunities for investing and profits. Be disciplined, listen to your mentors, then act accordingly.

[I had the opportunity of worshipping at the Golden temple, as well as the Durgiana temple, both places provide the worshipper with a sense of peace and harmony.]


Rohan said...

Would like to repeat ur words..
"Udayan is probably one of a rare breed of analysts who have a clear, keen understanding of the markets."
Really sir...udayan rocks..and ya..its so nice to see a gr88 analyst like you appreciating the other one..

rajivhtc said...

namaskar sudarshan ji,

thanks for sharing the lighter memories of amritsar and also you views on udayan. enjoyed them all.

but now coming back to the markets, where are we heading to ? sir in the past also i asked you what do we do with our portfolio made at higher level ? do we quit for once as severe recession has already set in ?
also now how to trade this market ?

warm regards
rajiv malik

sunny said...


imentors said...

I would love to see you ,Udyan and Ashwani ,while speaking in Hindi or Punjabi.Great !!!
Its good you people are spreading awareness and knowledge of Markets to this extent ,Its really exiting to see you as team making common people (Investors as well as traders)aware for things in a very simple mode or medium.
Before sleep,I read your blog and get a transparent and direction for further days ,while trading ,Thanx a lot !!!

Keep it up !!!

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